You may not need a full garden design service but you might like a little help planning and planting a new border or rejuvenating an area that is old-fashioned or over-grown


I would be happy to design a planting scheme to suit your life-style and personal preferences. This may mean low maintenance plants that don’t require too much attention or flowers that match a colour scheme or attract particular types of wildlife into the garden. It’s also important that planting takes “succession” into consideration so that there is interest throughout the year. It’s all very well having a beautiful garden in the summer but if all you can see from the window in winter are bare branches and soil this is a missed opportunity to do something that will give you something to see and enjoy throughout the year. It’s the same with flowers; a fabulous display in May is great, but what about June, July, August and September?

A good planting scheme will ensure that plants are selected for visual interest, extending the seasons in your garden.

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