If you simply need advice about your garden rather then a full garden design, that’s no problem

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Having both the qualifications and several years of practical experience I am ideally placed to offer expert advice on planting and after-care for the amateur gardener, giving you the skills and confidence to manage your own garden more effectively. This could be something as simple as advising how to select and plant new plants or when to prune particular species and when to leave them to do their own thing.

I can advise on appropriate plants to suit the soil type and aspect of your garden and will only recommend plants that will thrive in North East gardens.

Please check out my blog posts for up-to-date information and advice.

Encouraging wildlife into your garden

Many clients ask me to include plants that will attract wildlife into their garden when I am creating their design or planting plan and I am very happy to do so. There are many well-known varieties of native flowers that will attract bees and butterflies into your garden. But until recently, it was believed that the key to attracting wildlife was in the word “native”. We now understand that the real key is in the word “variety”. The more variety you can introduce into your garden, the more local wildlife will make a bee-line for your property.

There are many other ways to encourage different species of wildlife into your garden and I would love to help you achieve this. It doesn’t take much but you could make a real difference to wildlife populations in your area.

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